A biography and life work of deng xiaopeng

Early life and family[ edit ] Deng Xiaoping at age 16, studying in France.

A biography and life work of deng xiaopeng

His father was a local official in Anhui. Li graduated from Hefei No. He earned a PhD in economics inand the prominent economist Li Yining no relation was his doctoral advisor. His doctoral dissertation was awarded the Sun Yefang Prize, China's highest prize in economics. Li became the organization's First Secretary in and served until He is a representative member of the first generation to have risen from the CYL leadership.

Rising through the ranks [ edit ] Provincial tenures[ edit ] Li became the youngest Chinese provincial governor in June when he was appointed governor of Henan at the age of According to provincial officials working with him at the time, Li refused to participate in any banquets or large fancy events not related to government activities.

Li did not spend time pursuing superficial projects. He trekked through all regions of the province trying to search for a comprehensive solution to its growing problems. Henan jumped in national GDP rankings from 28th in the early s to 18th inwhen Li left Henan.

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Li was transferred to work as the Party Secretary in Liaoning in Decembertaking on the top political office of the province. There he is known for the "Five-points to one Line" project, where he linked up Dalian and Dandongas well as a series of other ports into a comprehensive network to improve trade flow.

With his Youth League experience and his association with then paramount leader Hu JintaoLi was seen from early on in Hu's term as a contender to succeed Hu when his term as party leader ends in He was succeeded in his provincial party chief post by Governor Zhang Wenyue.

While Li's political future seemed promising, he was outranked on the Standing Committee by Xi Jinpingwho had just left his role as party chief of Shanghai to join the central leadership ranks in Beijing.

This rank order ostensibly signaled that it would be Xi, not Li, who would eventually succeed Hu as party General Secretary and President. During his first term in the PSC between andLi took on the most important portfolios in the Chinese governmentincluding economic development, government budgets, land and resources, the environment, and health, ostensibly to prepare him for his upcoming premiership.

He also became the head of central commissions overseeing the Three Gorges Dam and the South-North Water Transfer Projectas well as the leader of steering committees in charge of health care reform, food safety, and AIDS-related work. In addition, Li was the principal lieutenant to Premier Wen Jiabao in the broad portfolios of climate change, energy, information technology, northeastern China revitalization, and developing the Chinese far west.

Li's first major appearance internationally was at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The event was seen as an litmus test for Li. At the forum, Li succinctly presented China's long-term vision for development in front of world business and political leaders.

He called for a global governance structure that was "more reflective of the changes in the global political and economic landscape.

A biography and life work of deng xiaopeng

The speech was published with minor omissions in the 1 June issue of Qiushithe Communist Party's political theory publication.The product of 10 years of work by a leading China scholar, it is essential reading for anybody who wants to understand the evolution of China to the status it occupies today.

“ Ezra Vogel’s encyclopedic Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China is the most exhaustive English retelling of Deng’s life. Vogel, an emeritus professor. Early Life.

A biography and life work of deng xiaopeng

Deng Xiaoping was born Deng Xixian on August 22, in Guang’an, part of the Sichuan province of China. The son of a well-to-do landowner, Deng joined the Chinese Communist Party Born: Aug 22, Messrs Pantsov and Levine say that theirs is “the only complete and objective” biography of Deng, describing another substantial work on Deng’s life—“Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation.

A documentary on Deng entitled Deng Xiaoping was released by CCTV in January that chronicles his life from his days as a student in France to his "Southern Tour" of In , a TV series commemorating Deng entitled Deng Xiaoping at History's Crossroads was released by CCTV in anticipation of the th anniversary of his urbanagricultureinitiative.comded by: Chen Yun.

Deng Xiaoping: Deng Xiaoping, Early life and career until the Cultural Revolution. Biography of Deng Xiaoping; Alpha History - Biography of Deng Xiaoping; Britannica Websites.

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Deng Xiaoping Biography Early Life. Deng Xiaoping was born Deng Xixian on August 22, in Guang’an, part of the Sichuan province of China. The son of a well-to-do landowner, Deng joined Born: Aug 22,

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