Describe car crash essay

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Describe car crash essay

Part One Are you writing in first person or third person?

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It depends on what sort of emotional response you want to gain from the audience. Do you want us to be sad? Do you want us to be angry? You can describe the scene through the eyes of someone who is surprised, confused, etc.

That could be achieved in first-person or third-person narrative. You could also describe the scene through the eyes of a bystander. She was unaware he planned on proposing to her. Clearly, plans have changed.

Now, he is driving to the scene of her car crash. If in first person, describe the suddenness of it. Describe car crash essay first person narrative is mainly for the dramatic physical effect. This viewpoint would focus more on the experience of getting knocked around inside a piece of twisted metal.

You could be technical, going through and listing what smashed into what, who was at fault, how everyone reacted and reports the injuries. You could write about what each one is thinking right as the cars collide.

As Scott makes his way to his girlfriend Rachel, I might as well tell you what happened. You know, to get you up to date. Well, today is Friday and many people are out and about.

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Her little car rolled over several times, breaking glasses and inflating the safety bag. Her head made contact with the cement ground not a moment later.

Currently, blood is pouring out of her noggin. I was watching the entire accident. I even recorded it if you want to take a peek. Further information about the different viewpoints.

Describe car crash essay

Take advantage of third person by having the state police interview witnesses to the accident. You could give one — three varying accounts to add suspense to why or how the accident happened depending on the rest of your plot.

First person is tricky. She caused a terrible scene. Write it as expressively as possible. Make it gruesome if you really want to impact the reader. This is a very significant event in your novel. It might even be the climax of the story. People in such a situation see things occurring in slow motion probably due to extreme heightened awareness.

For instance, the engine might smell of coolant if the radiator has cracked. And the air-bag propellant will be a burnt-chemical smell. There can also be a smell of fire and gasoline.

After the crash there is a moment of silence, extreme silence like a piercing sound in your ear silence. The crash itself is very disorienting. Everything becomes still and quiet right after the impact.

After the noise is where the hectic chaos begins. The man who hit you is still alive and wants revenge? Why does it seem so dark? It was obvious she had a hard time with facing reality.Describe a car crash essay.

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Describe car crash essay

Stephenson explained the title of the novel in his essay "In the Beginning Was the Command Line" as his term for a. Car Crash crucifixion: The Art of OC Register Photographer Mell Kilpatrick T he tanker trunk is jackknifed across the Don't look.

Behind it sits a totaled Pontiac, its front end crushed to the firewall, its windshield a shroud of the driver's face. Essay on Personal Narrative- The Fatal Car Accident - Personal Narrative- The Fatal Car Accident I always hear those old sayings. In the course of one day I can hear them about everything from retraining old dogs to getting up early.

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which caused the driver of the car to crash into several trees.

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