Essay about mat rempit

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Essay about mat rempit

Essay about mat rempit

No Idea what Mat Rempits are? Most of these Mat rempit are teenagers. Teenagers who do not perform well in school. With the lack of focus on extracuricular activities in schools, these teenagers do not find school interesting.

Imagine yourself being looked down by the teachers everyday you go to school in every lesson. Most teachers nowadays get motivated to help the good students good students here means well behaved, class performing students get better while leaving the not good students you get the idea plus most of them have family background problems to rot in their coner of their class.

These type of students gather together cause they have no other companions. Thus, gangsterism, Mat Rempits and all sorts appear. They do not learn. They need to be taught that even though they have take such a path in their live, there is still time to turn around and change.

Why spend more money building rehabilation centres and hiring consultants and so on when NS is available? To solve these social problems that are mounting up day by day in our country, we have to solve them at the root.

No use to keep taking panadols to cure the headache if you are going to get the headache again. A saying the programme was not suitable for the motorcycle thugs. The objective of the NS, he said, was to enhance unity among the multi-racial communities, build character and positive characteristics like stated above among the younger generation through good values.

It is not a place to correct or rehabilitate Mat Rempit. A said at the passing out ceremony for the second batch of trainees who completed their service at Cancun Park Camp in Pasir Mas, Kelantan, yesterday.

Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said, while the authorities had no power to prevent the usage of motorcycles as a medium of transportation, more steps would be taken to reduce such menaces, besides improving road safety among motorcyclists.

Essay about mat rempit

He said that this was also one of the top key results area which the ministry had set to achieve under the key performance index KPI. He said the Road Safety Department would collaborate with the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research and other relevant agencies to bring concrete measures to effectively reduce road mishaps involving motorcylists.

They included reducing the cost of obtaining a B2 motorcycle licence under cc to RM, effective Sept 1, from the current cost of between RM and RM Add conflict resolution teachings in schools.

My Facebook Contact: Etymology[ edit ] The word "Rempit" comes from "ramp- rev -it" ramp the throttle.
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Order now The government, politicians and police have done many things to settle this, but it seems like there are no stopping point for the Mat Rempit. Although this step is like a politics campaign, we should bear in mind that maybe one day they will realize that there are people who concern about them and hoping they will change.

Allow volunteering activities to count as credited hours for graduation. Maybe add some "group think" groups that attempt to solve problems that society faces.

Of course parenting goes a long way, but the more positive interaction a child has with people and the outside world the better chance the kid has. What problems are you referring to?Introduction There has been a lot of talk in the mainstream media of late about the “Mat Rempit” scourge.

In recent times, the local media, especially the press, have been abounding with reports of crime and violence committed by Mat Rempits. A Mat Rempit is a Malaysian term for “an individual who participates in illegal street racing”, usually involving underbone motorcycles (colloquially known as Kapcai) or scooters.

The Mat Rempit Who are the Mat Rempit?They are a group of youth who about in large groups on their motorcycles at late hours of the night. However, if this was all, they would be considered harmless. Hunter Stockton Thompson (July 18, – February 20, ) was an American journalist and author, and the founder of the gonzo journalism movement.

He first rose to prominence with the publication of Hell's Angels (), a book for which he spent a year living and riding with the Hells Angels motorcycle gang in order to write a first-hand account of the lives and experiences of its members.

Introduction There has been a lot of talk in the mainstream media of late about the “Mat Rempit” scourge. In recent times, the local media, especially the. A Mat Rempit is a Malaysian term for "an individual who participates in immoral activities and public disturbance with a motorcycle as their main transport", usually involving underbone motorcycles, colloquially known as Kapcai, or scooters.

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