Essay on compassion to animals

You are still not always in the wrong. It is the one mysterious thing that links everyone together and helps everyone understand each other despite their social, economic, or religious backgrounds. Compassion is the capacity within each of us that makes it possible for suffering that is not our own or of our concern, but will affect us as though it were.

Essay on compassion to animals

Compassion thrives in a person who rises above his selfishness and egoism and who finds enough virtue in others to appreciate them and understand them. He radiates compassion like the sun radiates light.

He is never separate from it and never unmindful of it. Even when he is inadvertent, his compassion shows throw.

A compassionate person has great sensitivity to the problems and feelings of others. He does not take advantage of their weakness. He does not criticize them. He does not give them a reason to feel guilty or ashamed of themselves. He is well aware of the evil and the darkness that clouds the humanity and their helplessness in dealing with it.

Thereby, with an exemplary understanding, he shows extreme kindness and forgiveness to everyone who lives upon earth, without exception. You can literarily trace every problem that we have today to lack of compassion.

Whether, it is increasing crime, domestic or street violence, divorce, terrorism, wars, environmental destruction, greed, hatred, enmity, cruelty, economic and social disparity, drug trafficking, women trafficking, police brutality, road accidents, child abuse, rape, abortion, racism, casteism, these and many other problems exist and vex our lives because of lack of compassion among people and authorities alike.

Essay on compassion to animals

Compassion is what makes a human being human, a father a father and a mother a mother, what gives them humanity, what prevents them from being too selfish and animal like to ignore the value of life and liberty.

You do not have to see God in everything if you lack conviction. But if you can see in everything with compassion the agony of the soul and treat everything with gentle and unassuming compassion, that is the greatest solace you can provide to others without they even knowing it.

Sometimes gentle and soothing words may hurt others, but the silent compassion of a tender heart never. Compassion is extolled in all religions. It is one of the striking qualities of enlightened people.

The Christ holding a lamb in his hands is a powerful symbol of compassion. Lord Vishnu rushing to rescue an elephant in distress was an act of extreme kindness.

No one can ever be spiritual or realize their highest truth without being compassionate. None can ever achieve enlightenment without being compassionate. A person with a lot of wealth may manage to pass through the gates of heaven, but not a person without compassion.

Whether you remember Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln, it is because they had compassion and they personified this noble quality in their thoughts and actions.

A world without compassion would be a brutal place to live. None can ever live in peace in that world. The world becomes heaven or hell to the extent people practice compassion.

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If you have compassion but no wealth, you are blessed. If you have a lot of wealth but no compassion, you are cursed. It is better to stay away from people who lack compassion, even if they are wealthy and powerful. If you want to marry, ask yourself, does he or she have compassion?

If you want to be friendly with someone, ask, does he or she have compassion? You can trust anyone who has compassion because his compassion will protect you even from yourself. You can vote for anyone who has compassion because you can be sure that he or she will be interested in your welfare and progress more that his or her own.

If you have compassion you will hold all life sacred. You will be in harmony with Nature and the world. Your actions will not cause pain and destruction but peace and happiness. You will protect the weak and the helpless. Your will protect the environment.

You will treat everyone and everything with gentle care. You will be so gentle that even the earth under your feet would not be hurt. If you have children, if you love them deeply and want to see them become good human beings, help them to cultivate a compassionate heart by treating them compassionately.

That is the most valuable inheritence you can bequeath to your children.

On Compassion Towards Animals

We all show compassion at one time or the other.It’s an uncomfortable reality, but often animal rescue workers have no option but to kill sick or badly wounded animals—as humanely as possible.

For these professionals and volunteers, administering euthanasia is a major contributor to compassion fatigue—the chronic stress that stems from extended caregiving.

Combatting the fatigue requires . Article shared by. Free sample essay on Let Us be Kind towards Animals. Human beings have the ability to speak and so they can express their pleasure, anger, approval, disapproval and so on.

Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On November 9, By Gyan Compassion is the highest of all virtues. Moreover, charity is the offspring of compassion, which is the bond that knits all things together, high and low, and is the symbol of the highest power.

Many of us have pets now or have had pets in the past, and we can completely understand compassion towards animals. You wouldn’t want to hurt your beloved pet, would you?

Extend that empathy, compassion and kindness to all other animals, including animals raised and killed for food, clothing, or other such uses. Essay portfolio example year 7 love with animals essays waits.

Describe the person essay doll. Simple essay writing letters. One loyalty essay violence my reading habits essay uk (flash fiction essay examples) essay about teaching grammar through writing essay referencing examples nz. Free sample essay on Let Us be Kind towards Animals. Human beings have the ability to speak and so they can express their pleasure, anger, approval, disapproval and so on.

Essay on compassion to animals

Animals are dumb and animals like the cow, bull, buffalo, dog, cat and birds are afraid of us. With our power to command them we make them submissive to us.

Opening Your Heart to Compassion