Essay why i should be hired

Okay—perhaps "fun" is a bit strong.

Essay why i should be hired

I would just like to extend my appreciation on the recent interview you allowed me to take part in. I feel I did a great job, but would also like to include this letter which I feel would be a great source in deciding whether or not I would be an asset to your company, and why I would qualify for the position currently opened as an accounting manager.

For years and years, I have had dreams of becoming an accounting manager at a Essay why i should be hired. Growing up as the daughter of an accountant, I feel I have grown to love that area of expertise by the little observations I have made throughout the years.


When I watched my mother, I saw the passion she had for a job which was as an accounting manager at First Hawaiian Bank. When she got off at the end of the day, she would speak about how tired she was, but never once did I hear her complain about her job.

She would also mention the fact that she had helped many customers, and how she had grown and built many friendships through her job. There were also several days when she would bring her work home for the weekend to get it done. There I observed her usual day to day routine and what exactly she did at her job.

During those times, I would assist my mother with the little things, but it were those little things that helped my desire turn into an actual dream of doing what she did. I also feel that you should hire me because I am a very punctual and organized person.

One thing a company looks for in their organization is punctuality. Punctuality is important, and I strongly believe that a punctual person is always a winner, and they are always one step ahead of others.

I think that if you practice punctuality in your job and in your life as well, then you will never really have to face any difficulties where time is concerned.


This is important to take into consideration because punctuality is important especially in the business field. The failure of being punctual can result in a lot including a loss in productivity.

I am sure though that this will not at all be a problem for me. I will always be sure to get all of my work done on time when asked for. This ties into the next reason I feel you should hire me as your new accounting manager.

I am an extremely responsible person.

Essay why i should be hired

I know for a fact that whatever is asked of me, that I will get it done in a prominent fashion. For example, if a person in charge of doing payroll for a company, most likely an accounting position, they need to be sure to get the timesheets done by a specific time. If they were irresponsible and do not get the timesheets done by the end of the pay period, then that would result in your employees not being paid.

Being responsible actually refers to our ability to make decisions based on our own interests and the interests of other individuals.

Presentation of Submitted Work

With that being said, being irresponsible can have a toll as others aside from yourself. If you lack the inability to take on a particular task assigned to you, you will definitely make a bad impression on yourself.

People will see you as being incapable, and therefore can lead to them not trusting you. If hired, I promise to always stay responsible for the sake of myself and the company. Surely if hired, I will definitely prove this to you as my manager.

Another reason I feel you should hire me is the fact that I am extremely hardworking. I strongly believe that my work ethic is unique and exceptional. With my experience there for a total of eight months, I earned the sales associate of the month for five consecutive months.

Managers noticed how dedicated of a worker I was, and therefore always awarded me for it. If hired, I promise and know for a fact that I will keep up that ethic of being hard working. I work hard in my life, and my profession is a huge part of my life.Oct 06,  · Last summer, researchers at Yale published a study proving that physicists, chemists and biologists are likely to view a young male scientist more favorably than a .

Use this method when answering the "Why Should We Hire You" question and you'll blow the hiring manager away. Includes example answers. Use this method when answering the "Why Should We Hire You" question and you'll blow the hiring manager away.

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August When I went to work for Yahoo after they bought our startup in , it felt like the center of the world.

Essay why i should be hired

It was supposed to be the next big thing.

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