How to write a timeline of my life

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How to write a timeline of my life

Students will be able to identify life events and put them in chronological order.

how to write a timeline of my life

Introduction 5 minutes Ask students if they've heard of a timeline, or a series of events in order of time. Talk about what a timeline is and how it is used.

Ask students how they think a timeline may be useful. Explain that this worksheet represents a daily timeline, but that timelines can represent days, weeks, months, years, or any other denomination of time.

Review the timeline worksheet with the class, answering any questions students have as you go. The timeline can be created using a whiteboard, or by having students write down events on paper and putting them in the right order as a class. Independent working time 20 minutes Students will need to think of their own life events of the past year, such as birthdays, first day of school, vacations, holidays, to create their own timeline.

how to write a timeline of my life

Once students have brainstormed their life events, have them create a timeline and place the events in the right order with labels. Have students model their timelines after the worksheet. Remind students that this is a timeline of events of what has happened in the past year, so the labels will involve the months of the year.

Students can make a timeline of their life events from birth until now. Students can make a monthly timeline of events instead of a year.

Assessment 5 minutes Students will be assessed by the timelines they create. Students will also be assessed by their ability to explain their timeline of events in the correct order that they happened. Review and closing Ask students what was easiest and most challenging about making their own timelines.

Allow students to share and explain their timelines with the class. Related learning resources Worksheet Olympic Timeline Check out a fun and simple Olympic timeline which highlights some of the most memorable moments throughout history.A TIMELINE OF MY LIFE By Nikki Rabovsky The beginning On January 13, , I was born at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland to my two amazing parents Marvin and Suzanne Rabovsky.

The day I was born was the day that we moved into the house that I live in today in Potomac, Maryland.

Printable Sample Blank Timeline Templates for Kids

In this lesson, you will learn how to improve your personal narrative by using a timeline to remember important details. Putting Together a My Life Timeline Lay the piece of butcher paper down on a hard work surface (the floor works best).

Help your child use the ruler to draw a horizontal line in the middle of the paper from one end to the other. Paper Writing Timeline Use this helpful guide to help you determine how to best allot your time when writing a AFTER YOU WRITE YOUR 1st ROUGH DRAFT (IDEALLY DAYS BEFORE YOUR PAPER IS DUE) Use the claim/thesis + outline you created with an OWRC tutor to complete a rough.

Noun: 1. timeline - a sequence of related events arranged in chronological order and displayed along a line (usually drawn left to right or top to bottom). Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction.

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