I will lift up my eyes

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I will lift up my eyes

A help, helper come? Verb - Qal - Imperfect - third person masculine singular Strong's Hebrew The Hebrew word is always interrogative; even in Joshua 2: But the margin is hardly right in making the whole verse interrogative.

Render, I will lift up mine eyes to the hills. Whence comes my help? The hills are those on which Jerusalem is built, the plural being understood, as in Psalm This gaze of hope does not absolutely decide the standpoint of the poet. He might have been like Ezekiel Ezekiel 6: But wherever he stands, this question is not one of doubt; he knows, as in Psalm 3: Possibly, as suggested by the marginal rendering and reference, the poet may in his mind have been contrasting the confidence with which a worshipper of Jehovah might look up to the sacred city on the crest of the holy hill with that superstition and idolatry which was associated with so many hills and high places in Canaan.

If this is so, the best commentary, both on the poetry and the religion of the psalm, is to be found in Mr. Ruskin's fascinating discourses on mountains in "Modern Painters," their influence on the ancient, mediaeval, and modern mind, and the part they have played alike in the mythology of the pagan times and the religion of the Christian world.

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There must also be added, in connection with the feeling of the Jew, the part his mountains played as a barrier of defence Psalm Pulpit Commentary Verse 1. The "holy hills," that stand round about Jerusalem, are intended Psalm There God had "promised his blessing, even life forevermore" Psalm From whence cometh my help.

Most modern critics regard this clause as interrogative, and translate, "Whence is it that my help shall come?

Matthew Henry Commentary Shall I depend upon the strength of the hills? No; my confidence is in God only. Or, we must lift up our eyes above the hills; we must look to God who makes all earthly things to us what they are.

We must see all our help in God; from him we must expect it, in his own way and time. This psalm teaches us to comfort ourselves in the Lord, when difficulties and dangers are greatest. It is almighty wisdom that contrives, and almighty power that works the safety of those that put themselves under God's protection.

He is a wakeful, watchful Keeper; he is never weary; he not only does not sleep, but he does not so much as slumber. Under this shade they may sit with delight and assurance. He is always near his people for their protection and refreshment.

Psalm I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?

The right hand is the working hand; let them but turn to their duty, and they shall find God ready to give them success. He will take care that his people shall not fall. Thou shalt not be hurt, neither by the open assaults, nor by the secret attempts of thine enemies.

The Lord shall prevent the evil thou fearest, and sanctify, remove, or lighten the evil thou feelest. He will preserve the soul, that it be not defiled by sin, and disturbed by affliction; he will preserve it from perishing eternally.

He will keep thee in life and death; going out to thy labour in the morning of thy days, and coming home to thy rest when the evening of old age calls thee in. It is a protection for life. The Spirit, who is their Preserver and Comforter, shall abide with them for ever.

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I will lift up my eyes

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I will lift up my eyes

Lyrics to "I Lift My Eyes Up" song by Kutless: I lift my eyes up, unto the moutains where does my help come from? My help comes from You, maker o. noun.

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the act of lifting, raising, or rising: the lift of a hand. the distance that anything rises or is raised: a lift of 20 feet between canal locks. a lifting or raising force: A kite depends on the wind to act as its lift.

the weight, load, or quantity lifted.

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