If i were an elephant

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If i were an elephant

We are very family-oriented and live in groups of ten or so with a mixture of related females and young calves with one female elephant in charge. Our calves will usually stay with us till they are at least three years old.

They are the focus of our attention for that time when they are old enough to go out on their own or have their own young and stay with the family.

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The male elephants will live by themselves or with other males. We can remember things very well. We are kind and powerful and we live only by eating plants. In the wild we can live up to 70 years. If I were an elephant I would know that we are rapidly being eliminated as a species.

While our numbers have been in the millions for centuries upon centuries, we can now be counted in the tens of thousands. We are primarily categorized into two groups: The African elephants and the Asian elephants. The Asian elephants are smaller and the numbers total in captivity and the wild may be less than 40, and are considered endangered.

The African elephants have a number of different types but all can now be counted in the tens of thousands and are considered threatened. We have been threatened for many, many years.

The Desert elephants among us may only number about The only reason we are going away is because the greed and cruelty of men. If I were an elephant I would see our lands to live on being slowly diminished. Our forests being taken away along with our savannas and other natural habitats.

They are always a threat to us. Though there are laws to protect us in many places we are always in fear of the bad humans known as poachers. They will use whatever means they can to shoot us or poison us so that they can get the ivory from our tusks that so many people in the world still want from us.

Sometimes they use our skins as well. We must always care for our young and protect them however we can, but most of the time we cannot stop the murders that take place.

Hundreds of wildlife guides have also died trying to protect us from these poachers. If the kind people could take care of the poachers we would have a much better chance to live. If I were an elephant I would face other threats and captivity as well.

People somehow are still able to hunt us for sport and think that is okay even though our are numbers are so few.

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If i were an elephant

Mar 29,  · Write a paragraph on "The Elephant" in simple words, easy to learn and understand for children. - Duration: Let's learn English and Paragraphs 57, views. If I were an elephant has 8 ratings and 2 reviews. Each page depicts elephant characteristics accompanied with sensory stimulating materials for young /5(2).

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