In your opinion what has happened

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In your opinion what has happened

The prices really have not changed that much in the measurable time-frame2. The weighted average for all the castles is As with the Pirate Ships, there does seem to be a general increase in piece count, however.

The general trend seems to be that at least in the last couple decades, LEGO has not gotten any more expensive. Since aroundthe average price of a piece of LEGO has remained relatively stable between 10 and 13 cents apiece. If the price of individual pieces has not drastically changed, there must be another issue at hand to influence our perception.

Another aspect I looked into was the size of the sets themselves. Increase in set size With the data from the piece price evaluations I was able to also evaluate the average size of LEGO sets each year.

As you can see on the chart below, the average size of sets released each year stayed somewhat constant from until around which set sizes started to increase.

It seems to have found a new normal around pieces. Figure 6 The average number of pieces in a set since Average Piece Count Per Set This increase in average piece count could be a factor in why LEGO is perceived to be more expensive now than in the past.

LEGO sets In your opinion what has happened become larger and more complex.

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They have started to market directly to an older crowd with sets such as the Modular Buildings and the Architecture series. These new sets have rekindled interest in LEGO for an older generation but at the same time, it has introduced this same generation to the relatively high price of LEGO sets.

LEGO is not ignoring the lower priced market, however. As we can see from the chart below, the average price of a set of LEGO has been relatively stable since the 80s2. Even with the average piece count of sets increasing over time, the average price has remained stable.

This shows that for all the larger expensive sets being released, they are also releasing plenty of average priced sets that balance out the average.

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It has obtained major licenses and broadened its appeal. There have also been changes to the manufacturing process that allows LEGO to expand its product lines and release more sets each year. Below is the chart of the number of sets released each year from Figure 8 The number of LEGO sets released each year since Number of Sets Per Year As the number of sets released has increased, the harder it has been for stores to parcel out their shelving space.

In order to make more sales, decisions have to be made as to which sets will be carried. Not every store can carry the whole product line not even all official LEGO stores carry the whole product line.

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This process will favor the sets that drive sales the most, such as the licensed sets. The traditional boxes of bricks are pushed out of the way for the more profitable lines. Does a licensed LEGO set run at a premium? For many, it may seems that the advent of licensed sets3 correlates with the perceived increase in prices.

The s and before were a nostalgic heyday of affordable LEGO sets. This is not quite true. Below is a chart that compares the price per piece of licensed sets and unlicensed sets starting in Figure 9 Comparison of unlicensed sets and licensed sets since — Adjusted for Inflation Comparison of non-Licensed and licensed set prices As you can see, there is no correlation between the licensing of a set and the price of a set.

At least from what our chart shows, licensed sets do not carry a premium. Since aboutthere is virtually no difference between the average price per piece of a licensed set and an unlicensed set.

If the price of a piece of LEGO has remained stable, perhaps the size of the bricks has decreased. The average weight of a LEGO set It may be that the price of an individual brick has gone down over time, but what does it matter if the size of the bricks has decreased overtime?

Sure, the average number of pieces in a set has increased, but how many of those pieces are tiny details? To answer this question, I compiled all the weight data on brickset.

In your opinion what has happened

Below is the chart of my results prices are in US dollars. They were losing money and losing market share to other toys and entertainment products4. In order to address some fundamental issues in their business, they needed to cut costs.Jun 29,  · Opinion | Weird science breaks out at congressional forum.

In your opinion what has happened

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This is what had happened to the word during the course of many centuries. The next day's newspaper brought tidings of what had happened.

TAKE A POLL - Has your opinion of the Dinar changed with everything that has happened