Logistics and project planning at easyinternetcafe ltd

Coach bus — A coach is a type of vehicle used for conveying passengers on excursions and on longer-distance intercity—or even international—bus service. The term was applied to railway carriages in the 19th century, horse-drawn chariots and carriages were used by the wealthy and powerful where the roads were of a high enough standard from possibly BC.

Logistics and project planning at easyinternetcafe ltd

Stores could not open with out the CVM as there would be no way to sell the internet time with out them. This activity table does not take the lead times listed in Table 3 into effect.

This is only related to the installation activities. Therefore, orders for the various components to be delivered on time need to be made in advance of the planned date by the amount of the lead time. This could now be combined with the logistics operations options discussed below.

All calculations were based on forecast of opening 4 new franchises per week for the next 3 years. It was noted that if store openings were less, the labor costs were still considered fixed.

After his initial presentation, management wanted to look at ways to decrease this cost. After a bit of reasearch, he found 4 alternatives.

UPS Global Logistics UPS required eIc to procure the equipment themselves and arrange with their suppliers to deliver it to UPS warehouse where UPS would consolidate the orders, configure the equipment, kit it together into a pallet and arrange for transportation to the franchisee.

UPS would not provide billing services direct to the franchisee.

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They would need to appoint two dedicated personnel, a contracts manager and an administrator. Exel would also arrange for the inbound logistics transport to a Page 9 of 15 merge-in-transit location where all pallets would be kitted together and sent to the franchisee as a complete package.

They would also provide configuration services for the computer equipment. Like UPS, they will not bill the franchisee for the equipment and logistics costs. This would still require eIc to provide those activities. This would enable eIc to obtain economies of scale by consolidating their purchases with Globalserve and yet receive local delivery, payment facility in local currencies and support.

Tanmay thought that this model seemed suitable for eIc as long as they are willing to change some of their suppliers which will enable them to agree on a global price for nearly all the equipment required.

Logistics and project planning at easyinternetcafe ltd

The VAR would deliver the products locally and collect the cost of equipment and delivery charges from franchisee directly. As the VAR would be in the country of franchisee, they would speak the same language and would understand the working practices of that country. This would enable eIc to devolve the management of the delivery and allied support services to the VAR, thus freeing the personnel of eIc to focus on the core activity of the company.

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Globalserve will charge a transaction fee of 3. Fees would be charged at 3. Thus the cost per store will be: As opposed to Globalserve, which does not sell products itself but rather through its network of VARs, Ingram Micro will sell directly to eIc.

For the moment, they can provide franchisee billing and payment collection facilities only in the UK, France, Sweden, Belgium and Spain.

For supply to other countries eIc can first collect the money from franchisee and then pay Ingram Micro for supply in those countries.

They Page 11 of 15 can also store the proprietory products for eIc in the UK and ship to European countries, as needed. Ingram earns a certain mark up percentage, for e. It would eliminate most of the logistics costs of eIc.

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Total costs if products bought from Ingram Micro summarized in the following table: Astonished at the low price, Tanmay checked again to make sure the offer was correct. For comparison, Ingram also quoted for the same service, but using eIc current suppliers.Logistics is a department that all companies from small local shops to big time corporations need to use and actually excel in.

Logistics is the planning, execution, and control of the movement/placement of goods/people and other related supporting activities within a system used to achieve specific objectives.

Innovative Warehouse Strategies: Four Walls, Three Takes. May 15, But companies and third-party logistics (3PL) providers are also reconsidering distribution strategy, infrastructure design, and warehouse processes as they lay new foundations for future fulfillment.

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Logistics and project planning at easyinternetcafe ltd

Easyinternetcafe Logistics And Project Planning Written Cases Study: Logistics and Project Planning and Easy InternetCafe Ltd. Executive Summary EasyInternetcafe Ltd.(elc) was founded in as a part. easyInternetcafe’s Situation easyInternetcafe was launched in under the umbrella of the easyGroup.

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Real-Time Logistics Planning Warehousing In most warehouses, change is a constant—especially when you consider seasonal demand forecasts, supply exceptions, and inventory flows.

The mission of elc was to provide consumers with access to the Internet at the lowest cost. Home Essays Logistics and Project Logistics and Project Planning - Easyinternetcafe. Topics: Airline COSCO Network Ltd. of COSCO Group provided software development, e-commerce services, data center management.

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