Personal development in health 2 essay

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Personal development in health 2 essay

Can you evaluate how any learning activities you have accessed have affected your practice? I completed a fire awareness course and returned to work that evening when one of the clients set a pan on fire on the cooker, by doing the training I learnt to soak a t towel and pay it down from front to back of fire to suffocate it to put it out so was very useful and it worked as before I would have just wet a tea towel and just tried laying it on it no particularly way.

So this is just one example of where the training helped with my job in caring for people. I also learnt the best way to deal with a burn is to keep it under cold water to take away the burning sensation, or to keep a cold wet dressing on it till we get to the hospital for treatment.

These are just two examples from a first aid course and a fire awareness course. Unit promote and impement health and safety in health and social care 4. Describe the different types of accidents and sudden illness that may occur in your work own work setting.

Personal development in health 2 essay

In my work place the most likely accidents is ware clients burn their self when cooking or when then fall over. Another is the self harming which we can in counter quiet regular when our clients are upset about things out of our control. Quiet often we have clients with breathing problems as well i.

Explain the procedures to be followed if an accident or sudden illness should occur. If a client had a fall I would check how they was but not move them, just try make comfortable then call a ambulance, I would then notify my employer and they would then notify anyone that needed to no.

I would then document everything that happened in the accident book as well as the clients file and on my contact sheets as well. I would again notify my employer who would then contact the people who need to no.

I would again make sure everything was documented. Explain the main points of legalisation that relates to moving and handling The manual handling operations regulationswhich implement the manual handling of loads directive, came into effect on 1 January and apply to all manual handling activity with a risk of injury.

The regulations impose duties on the employers self employed people and employees.

Pearson Prentice Hall: eTeach: Supporting and Motivating Adolescent Thinking

Employers must avoid all hazardous manual handling activity where it is reasonably practicable to do so. If a care assistant fails to use a hoist that has been provided, they are putting themselves at risk of injury.

The employer is unlikely to be liable. Apply the duties of employers, as appropriate, to their own manual handling activities. Taking care to ensure that their activities do not put others at risk 7. Explain principles for safe moving and handling There are some basic principles that everyone should observe prior to carrying out a manual handling operation: Ensure that the object is light enough to lift, is stable and unlikely to shift or move Heavy or awkward loads should be moved using a handling aid Make sure the route is clear from obstructions Make sure there is somewhere to put the load down wherever it is to be moved to Stand as close to the load as possible and spread your feet to shoulder width Bend your knees and try to keep your backs natural, upright posture Grasp the load firmly as close to the body as you can Use the legs to lift in a smooth motion as this offers more leverage reducing the strain on your back Carry the load close to the body with the elbows tucked in to the body Avoid twisting the body as much as possible by turning your feet to position yourself with the load.

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How to write an expository essay? This type of essay is aimed to explain some subject by presenting a very clear and complete picture of other people’s views on this certain situation or event.

In Mindblindness, Simon Baron-Cohen presents a model of the evolution and development of "mindreading."He argues that we mindread all the time, effortlessly, automatically, and mostly unconsciously.

It is the natural way in which we interpret, predict, . Essay on Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care part 3 Essay on Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care part 2 In this regard, I believe the protection of rights of employees is very important, especially in the health and social care environment.

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