School rules eating in the classroom essay

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School rules eating in the classroom essay

Eating in the Classroom posted May 12, That would be no food in my class.

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Why do students eat food in class? I think the action reveals that students have no idea about using their time, so I agree that eating in the classroom should not be permitted. Some students even share their food with their friends. Students should concentrate on their class instead of their food.

It is their duties as students. So when I see there are some students eating in the classroom, I always feel confused. Why do these people have to eat in the class?

Eating in the classroom has no benefit to them. As a teacher is trying to make his or her students understand, and the students just pay attention to the food in front of them, the teacher must feel frustrated.

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I believe that when students are eating in the classroom, most of them lose concentration. So how can they learn from the teacher? As a student, the most important thing is focusing on what the teacher teaches. Some students claim they eat their breakfast and lunch in the classroom because they do not have time to do them at the meal time.

However, I think this statement reveals that the students do not know how to use their time. They should eat their breakfast and lunch during the break, not in the class. Students should also know how to use time well.

I saw many students coming to class late because they went to buy their meal. Unavoidably, they ate in the class. Actually, we had a lot of time getting something to eat during the break, but they could not handle their time because they had other things to do.

We really need a little food to keep us energized when we are learning. However, a student should realize his or her duty. Eating in the classroom will annoy other students, and it is also disrespectful to the teacher no matter whether he or she minds it or not.

I think college students especially should not eat in the classroom because they have to act like mature adults. Their attitude will determine who they are.Find your essay writer on ThePensters. Here are many essays meant for the school students and college students who can use these essays for their academic presentations.

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School rules eating in the classroom essay

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Feb 03,  · There are a few reasons why it makes sense that eating should be banned from the classroom, but not many. The most important reason, in my opinion, is that students with penut or other food allergies could possibly be at risk of an allergy attack. I based one of my school essays off this.

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School Rules: Eating in the Classroom - i say you say

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When students have rules or requirements in school, the more likely they are to take those rules and requirements home with them. Schools should be a gateway to healthy living for students. If a school requires that most grades have a gym class, they should also make lunches healthy.

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