Student money problems affect performance essay

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Student money problems affect performance essay

Nowadays, many people believe it is the high school administration, teachers, and the government that are responsible for students getting good grades.

Before, when you got an F, your parents would blame you; today, they would rather go to your school and demand your teacher to give you a better grade. Such an approach leads to irresponsible behavior: And although there is seemingly nothing wrong with skipping a boring class you think you would not need in future, in fact doing so has a number of negative impacts on your future.

To start with, parents of a student who skips school lose huge amounts of money given that it is not the student who pays for studying. In the United States, free education is a rare privilege; every single class skipped is worth a certain amount of money. If a student chooses to skip classes regularly, it will cost him or her or his or her parents a lot of money annually, without getting the result: The likeliness to get lower grades when skipped classes is another consequence.

Whereas those who stay in class obtain at least some knowledge, even if they are not bright, a person who skips classes is at higher risks of obtaining no knowledge at all. Besides, teachers may have a bias toward such a student, and will treat him or her unfairly even though this person might be bright and studied the subject on his or her own.

Needless to say, this situation can lead to a failure during exams or getting expelled from an educational institution FRI. Five more absences would most likely lead to a decreased chance to graduate a particular educational institution: They are also 2. Skipping classes has yet another not-so-obvious consequence: Skipping classes does not always imply staying at home; more likely, a student would spend their time outdoors, and chances to get involved in antisocial behavior substance abuse, shoplifting, gambling, and so on increase.

No need to say it can cause a person to enter prison eventually. Skipping classes is not so harmless as it might seem. It is a direct waste of money for all those who have to pay for the education—and such people are the majority.

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Students who skip classes are more likely to get lower grades and face a biased attitude from their teachers; moreover, they have lower chances to successfully graduate, and enroll in a college—of any type.

Such students are also more likely to live on welfare, and get engaged in antisocial behavior. Therefore, this problem should be treated with all possible attention from teachers, parents, and authorities. Have Fun While You Can.Students and staff deal with these types of social problems and more in the classroom that impact their learning experience.

Resolving and avoiding such problems begins with identification and awareness.

The Risk Factors of Poverty

While previous research has begun to examine non-academic factors that contribute to academic problems, this is the first nationally-representative, longitudinal study to examine the role of physical and mental health problems in explaining academic failure in secondary school.

The present article investigates how various study and work combinations affect the academic performance of students in their final years in Tatarstan higher education institutions.

The Effects of Student Employment on Academic Performance in Tatarstan Higher Education Institutions. D.M. Yanbarisova the study of the impact of student.

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Student money problems affect performance essay

Why do high poverty urban areas have such problems with schooling outcomes? This was a question that I went into my current job wondering.

Again, how can poverty affect the outcomes of student performance? I. This study is about the impact of students’ socio-economic background on academic performance in universities, and mental health problems due to environmental conditions may be the entire cause of that person’s social performance of the student in public Universities in Kenya, A case of Kisii university college.

Finances are affecting students' academic experience, with ability to get a job as a big factor in deciding on a major, according to this year's National Survey of Student Engagement.

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