The growing potential of canadas business environment

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The growing potential of canadas business environment

Shares The Re-Awakening of the Golden Triangle Many years ago, a remote and mountainous region in northwestern British Columbia gained considerable notoriety as an emerging mineral district.

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However, despite its obvious potential, the vast majority of land in this highly prospective region has been left mostly untouched by humans. A combination of factors, including low gold prices and a lack of infrastructure, has led to the area laying dormant for decades.

Today, things are changing dramatically. The Golden Triangle is a new hotbed for mineral discovery, and over million ounces of gold, million ounces of silver, and 40 billion lbs of copper have been found. There are five main reasons: New Deposits Found The old adage is that the best place to find a new mine is near an existing one.

Here are three major deposits in the Golden Triangle that have geologists and financiers buzzing: A porphyry-style deposit, it has reserves of Owned by Imperial Metals, it will be in production until based on current mine life estimates.

In alone, it produced 83 million lbs of copper, 47, oz of gold, andoz of silver. Valley of the Kings The latest, and perhaps most interesting, discovery in the Golden Triangle is slotted to reach commercial production in The Valley of the Kings, unlike the above porphyry-style deposits, contains extremely high-grade gold.

The growing potential of canadas business environment

New Infrastructure In recent years, the Golden Triangle has received three massively important infrastructure upgrades: Declining Snow Cover Glacial ice and snow has been retreating in many parts of the region, revealing rocks never seen before by human eyes.

Especially in a mineral-rich region such as the Golden Triangle, this is a very exciting prospect for mineral geologists.

A New Geological Explanation The Golden Triangle region has complex geology that has befuddled explorers for decades — but recent work has made the picture much clearer. Geologist Jeff Kyba has put forth the following theory: Combined with new infrastructure, exciting projects, and world-class mineral potential, and the Golden Triangle is awake again.

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Today, the Golden Triangle is buzzing with activity. Historic mines like the Snip Mine and Granduc are being explored using modern methods. New high-grade gold is being found. Red Mountain and the old Premier Gold Mine are the sites of some of these discoveries.

Dozens of companies are on the ground performing all phases of exploration. Many types of mineral deposits are being tested for, including high-grade gold veins, large-scale porphyries, and VMS volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits.Today, the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, joined by the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, announced that the Government of Canada will invest $ million through the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC.

Watch video · In Canada, marijuana business owners can put their cash into a bank account instead of a vault, and they wear "clean suits" in growing facilities.

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