The value of time essay writing

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The value of time essay writing

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July 03, Total -- Words Essay: Value chain of our life time activities can have the Value proposition as self brand of creating opportunity for ourselves. There goes a proverb- "Time and tide wait for no man.

Time gives only one chance and one has to put all effort and intelligence to make it best usable. Time is really a wonderful thing. It can be defined satisfactorily as- It has no beginning and no ending. All things are born in time, grow in time and then decay and die in time. Time moves at its own pace.

It cannot be commanded. It does not wait for kings or princess and has no pity for beggars. It cannot be analyzed. It can not be criticised.

We are generally conscious about passing time and its importance. We have developed clocks and watches to indicate its flow. People say time is money.

the value of time essay writing

But I am saying that it is more precious than money. Money lost can be recovered, but not the time lost. A moment lost is lost for ever. Time is ever changing. Change is the law of nature. Nothing is independent of change or time.

There are so much to do in one's life.

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Therefore, we should not waste even a single minute. Every breath, every second should be used properly and meaningfully. Our school work, home task, hours of rest and sleep, time of recreation and exercise, etc.

We should never postpone doing good and important things. We should never be idle when we ought to be working hard. Leisure is enjoyable only after fruitful hard work. It is our duty to not to leave any work till tomorrow that can be done today and now.Importance of Time - Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph Introduction Importance of Time - Time is really precious and important for all of us.

Importance and Value of Time [Speech on Importance of Time] #1.


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