Writing about international organisations in the uk

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Writing about international organisations in the uk

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Senior appointments

Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. This publication is available at https: These are inter-governmental organisations that take a global approach to tackling a wide range of issues, such as sustainable development, conflict, and climate change.

Why do we want British nationals in these organisations? The UK wants international organisations to have strong leadership structures that are able to shape effective and efficient organisations. We support merit-based recruitment to ensure that positions are filled by talented individuals.

We want to see strong British candidates applying for, and taking up key roles within these organisations, to join the many already working there. The government is keen to ensure British nationals with the right skills and experience are aware of the career opportunities international organisations offer.

Building an accurate picture of interest and available talent will also help us to identify the best candidates for appointments. International organisations have their own recruitment websites where you can find information on the latest vacancies, the application process, remuneration packages and more on working for these organisations.

Links to the websites of the following organisations can be found here: Appointments available in UN agencies, funds and programmes are available here. The government is also keen to increase the number of British nationals working in EU institutions.

These are handled separately and for further information, consult our guidance on working for the EU institutions. Most appointments are made by application directly to the recruiting organisation. The government cannot guarantee that an application will be successful, nor intervene in the recruitment process.

However, we can point you in the right direction so that you can be well prepared going into the application process. Senior appointments Are you a senior manager with an ability to demonstrate a range and depth of experience in delivering outcomes in the international arena, and looking for a new challenge or to boost your multilateral credentials?

Are you interested in developing an international career working at the cutting edge of international affairs? We are looking for a wide range of skills, including finance, human resources and programme management.

In the case of the UN, you will need to have at least 15 years experience in your field of expertise, including at senior management level. If you are interested in a career in International Organisations, please register your details and we will alert you to opportunities and information that may be relevant.

A huge variety of openings exist where you can develop your skills and make a real difference to issues of international importance at the highest levels. By registering with us, you will become part of a concerted effort to match up talented Brits to upcoming international opportunities.

For those candidates with suitable skills and experience, we will alert you to networking events and suitable job opportunities as they come up, and explain how you can register your interest directly with international organisations.

writing about international organisations in the uk

However, we cannot guarantee that by registering with us, you will consequently find employment. However, if you are also a national of another country i. More information can be found on the YPP website. Internships The UN and other organisations also offer internships.

Disclaimer We hope that you find the information on these pages useful. It is intended for general information and is not comprehensive advice which you should rely on.


Please note in particular that the information does not contain any promises of future employment with international organisations or endorsement of any kind.International Organisations have international membership, scope, or presence and can be divided into two main types.

Intergovernmental Organisations (IOs), also known as international governmental organisations (IGOs) are made up primarily of member states.

I am writing to you with regards to this funding opportunity ‘The Potter Foundation Grants to International Organisations’.

writing about international organisations in the uk

We are a UK-based registered charity with global operation in more than 30 countries (including in Mali, Malawi, Niger, Sudan and Chad). This article teaches you best practices how to structure and write your application for any job in the UN or in other international organisations.

The article focuses at strengthening your application and introduces you to the CARI and CARL methods. Government, United Kingdom Membership in International Organizations WEU, historical connection, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, peacekeeping operations, British monarch The United Kingdom is one of the founding members of the United Nations (UN) and occupies one of the five permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council, the most.

The history of international organizations is old and deeply rooted within the world society. Many scholars consider the Congress of Vienna in as the very origin of the process, in any case, is fair to state that international organizations are broadly recognized as permanent .

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